Camille Ochoa, founder of Canna Reign Studios, up in Medocino, ,California during 2016's harvest time.

Camille Ochoa, founder of Canna Reign Studios, up in Medocino, ,California during 2016's harvest time.


If you’re here, you love cannabis and everything about it.  You love to entertain and plan cannabis events, and obviously, you also love a high quality accessory that enhances your cannabis and entertaining lifestyle.

 Welcome! Pleased to meet you!

The days of stashing your buds in some plastic baggie at the back of your drawers, or rolling joints on an old issue of High Times are over my friends. This is a new era and her kindom has come! More and more people are embracing cannabis as a part of their lifestyle than ever before, and worldwide, governments are listening.

Canna Reign Studios is a new line of luxurious, highly crafted home and event decor products and accessories. Ceramic rolling trays, vases and bud containers, as well as festive, cannabis inspired papel picado banners. Each piece is hand crafted in San Francisco. We hope to inspire a sense of pride and joy. Cannabis is one of the best plants on this planet, and it is always an honor to be able to partake in the rituals. We hope each Canna Reign piece will compliment and enhance your space and also be what you reach for when having guests over. Everything is designed to lively up your parties and gatherings, and we also offer custom work for special events like weddings or brand promotional events.

How Canna Reign Was Born

I got the idea to launch Canna Reign Studios after a life changing road trip along California’s redwood studded 101Freeway. I was driving home to San Francisco after Thanksgiving break in Los Angeles. I knew I had to work the next morning and that was not something I looked forward to. As much as I loved my job bartending, i had so much I wanted to do, that the hours ebing at work were becoming dreaded. Then it dawned on me that I could combine three industries that I already knew I loved; art, hospitality, and cannabis.

I was already deeply immersed in the first two; I’d been practicing ceramics since age 16, and curating art exhibits at Driftwood Salon, a fine arts gallery and event space that my partner and I had opened in 2010, while maintaining my 15 year long hospitality career, working in some of San Francisco’s finest hotels and restaurants druing my evenings.

 Meanwhile, all around me, San Francisco was flourishing with cannabis culture and cannabis community events. From gourmet five course dinners, to a string of stylish new dispensaries opening up all around town. I've had a chance to learn so much about cannabis cultivation, new laws being passed, new ways to consume like dabbing, safe practices, and best of all, a chance to be inspired by all the cool new products and new brands coming to the market. Everyone I've met, each new entrepreneur, is someone just like me and you, passionate about this plant and about living a cannabis lifestyle.

This new, constantly evolving world or legalized cannabis use is so incredible and unique. With its remarkable recreational culture that evolves everyday, to its miraculous medicinal properties. There are so many reasons to love cannabis.  I immediately knew I that I had struck gold with my decision to 'leap' into a new direction, and start producing high end accessories for the industry. Cannabis, art and hospitality truly mix well together and that is what Canna Reign Studios' focus is on. High quality, thoughtfully designed (as well as gorgeous) products for the cannabis connoisseur.

More on the Founder of Canna Reign Studios

Ten years after my mother was done having children, I was born. The tenth baby, and ten years younger than my youngest older sister. I got to grow up in beautiful Belize, a tiny nation along the Caribbean coast just south of Mexico. When I was 12 years old, after years of separation from the rest of my older sibling and parents, the three youngest got our visa's and moved to New Your City to be reunited at last with my parents.  Although I loved New York and being near family, as soon as I was old enough, I decided to leave behind the winters and blizzards behind and follow one of my sisters who had also felt the same and had relocated to Los Angeles straight out of college. I’ve been a Californian ever since. Through out the years I’ve thought of moving back East to be near my family but I just love the West coast too much.

While living in LA, I enrolled at Pasadena City College where I fell in love with ceramics. It didn't hurt either that I got to study with the incredible legendary ceramist Philip Cornelius . It was around that time that I realized ceramics was it for me. In 2004, I followed my heart to San Francisco. That only lasted a year, but it brought me here to the Bay Area, where I now feel is home, and I couldn't be happier. 

While enrolled at the College Of Marin in 2004,  I got to study with Bill Abright, another gem to the ceramics world. This only further cemented my roots in clay.

Yes, ceramics is my life, but so is another form of art, the hospitality industry. I grew up Belize, where tourism is our number one industry. With a few of my aunts running hotels, I got an early introduction into how to really make someone feel welcomed and at home. Those early  years shaped my appreciation for hospitality and while living here in the US, I’ve excelled in the industry, having worked with some top celebrity chefs, in the most food forward cities.

 In February 2010 my boyfriend and I opened up Driftwood Art Salon. It was a gorgeous barn-turned-gallery, and it lived for six great years We curated monthly art exhibits while also renting out the space for private events. We featured some of San Francisco’s finest artists such as Akira Beard, Jet Martinez, Mark Campbell, Evan Nesbit, Carly Ivan Garcia, Scott Hove, Robert Bowen, Pnut, and many more. It was highly rewarding and we had the some of the best most memorable times there. The building also housed our own ceramic studio space, which was a double win.

Once I got the idea for Canna Reign however, it sparked in my mind until it was on fire. Plus, right around this time, my mom was diagnosed with kidney failure, and my parents had to give up so much to pay for her medical costs. I wanted to help, but knew that with the money I was making, even with my two jobs, I really couldn't afford to make an impact on their lives.

Plus after reading books like Grant Cardone's The 10 X Rule, I realized I had to find a way to make a better life for myself and my family. I ended up quitting my hotel restaurant job and closed the gallery within three months. We left Soma and moved down to the Excelsior District, where I now have established a new studios space on the ground flood of my building.

Today you can find me hiking the hills of John McLaren Park with my adorable Australian Shepherd whenever I am not working.  I am so fortunate and I thank god everyday for this little slice of heaven, and my personal angel puppy that the universe has gifted me.

I invite you guys to follow along with me in this crazy fun entrepreneurial journey at CSO and Co Blog, and keep up to date with all of Canna Reign Studios’ new products and see some of the trials and tribulations of a newborn ceramics company.

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