Circle Of Life in Black

Circle Of Life in Black


The Elemental Protection is a spot on, cannabis forward design, which I love.

Made with double panels to double that drama that only black can bring!

You can ‘light’ up (or tone down) any area of your home with a single strand of these gorgeous hand crafted banners or string them up in groups of five to ten for a beautiful room transforming, dramatic effect!

Made from beautifully opaque tissue paper, and strung with eco friendly 100% cotton baker's twine in white and gold.

These banners come with 10 panels, each measuring 6”x9”, adds up to 115", (approx. 9.5 feet) of papel picado to enjoy, with an additional 2 feet of extra twine for easy hanging, and beautiful handmade tassels to finish them off.

Each banner is proudly made in San Francisco, California, and are all 100% original designs.

Also available in additional colors including Gold, Navy, Green, Black, and Hemp paper (beige).

39.00 each or 38.00 for 5 or more and 37.00 for 10 or more.

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